Would You Like Your Blog Setup For You?

Don’t Struggle With Technology, We Can Setup Your Blog For You

If you’ve read my Blog Profit Blueprint or taken my Blog Mastermind course, you’ll know I’m convinced anyone can start a blog from scratch, build an audience, and make a minimum of $10,000 per month, blogging part time.

After a decade teaching people start from scratch and build a successful blog, I’ve found a huge stumbling block for many people starting out is a fear of technology.

If you have no idea how to build a website, the thought of running an online business can be so overwhelming that many people quit before they even start.

There’s no denying that the learning curve when you start an online business is steep. For years I’ve been trying to find an affordable and easy solution for my clients to take the fear out of that first big step…

I came to a simple conclusion. For many people the best answer is not to try and setup a blog yourself because you will waste time, get frustrated and possibly quit even before you start.

The best solution is simple: Get someone else to setup your blog.

I’m so excited to finally offer this option thanks to a partnership with Kerry from the Blog Mechanic. Introducing…

Blog Setup For You – we will setup your blog website for you!

Blog Setup For You provides you with a ready-made WordPress website, with a premium theme installed ready to go (we install a premium studiopress theme of your choice) plus installation and configuration of six key plugins I recommend are must-haves for a new blog.

Turn Your Idea Into A Fully Functioning Website In 3 Days

Getting your website set up is a lot like moving into a new home.

You can’t start hanging pictures on the walls if you don’t even have a block of land, a street address or a house constructed on a solid foundation.

It’s the same with a website – you can’t start writing blog posts and uploading images without first purchasing hosting, registering a domain name, building your website with a custom theme and installing plug-ins.

If that all sounds like gibberish to you, that’s where Blog Setup For You comes in. We take care of building the technological foundations of your website so you can move straight into your new blog home and start decorating.

But even if you do understand the basics of WordPress and how to build a website, Blog Setup For You saves you time, money and hours of tech rage compared to building the same website yourself.

What You Get

Here is what the Blog Setup For You package includes:
  • Step-by-step assistance with registering your domain name 
    e.g. www.myawesomenewblog.com
  • Step-by-step assistance with purchasing and creating a web hosting account
  • The latest version of blogging software WordPress installed with your web host
  • A professionally pre-designed premium theme of your choice from Studiopress
    (worth $99.95 - but we cover this cost for you)​
  • Full theme installation and configuration so it is ready for you to use

Your blog will look beautiful and you will have your own unique domain name just like other professional blogs and websites. You can login and immediately start filling your new blog with content (that’s your job!).

Bonus One: Six Must-Have Plugins Installed Ready To Go

To keep your new blog secure, stop spam comments, and to help you create amazing blog posts, we will install and configure six WordPress plugins including:

  • Akismet (for spam protection)
  • Wordfence (protection against hackers)
  • WP Super Cache (speeds up your blog loading time)
  • TinyMCE Advanced (helps with editing and formatting blog posts)
  • TinyMCE Spellcheck (checks your spelling)
  • Ninja Forms (enables you to create forms)
Bonus Two: Yaro’s Blog Tech 101 Guide

As you continue to grow your online business you will no doubt come up against more questions, including…

  • How do add an email newsletter to my blog?
  • What if I want to sell products from my blog?
  • How do I add a membership site to my blog?

…And many more tech related questions.

I’ve dealt with these questions before myself, and I’ve helped thousands of other new bloggers deal with them too.

This is why I put together a 128-page eBook specifically for beginners that explains everything you need to know about blog technology. It’s called –

Blog Tech 101 – The Basic Tools And Technology You Need To Build Your Blog

All the answers to your questions are in this ebook, and you get it 100% free as part of the Blog Setup For You package. 

"Hi, I'm Kerry and I've helped X people set up X blogs over the last X years. I can't wait to help you set up your new website!"

“Blog Setup For You” Is Cheaper Than Doing It Yourself

  • The Blog Setup For You service is actually cheaper than building the same website yourself.
  • The full package is just $99.
  • That’s right, under $100 to remove all the tech headaches of setting up your blog. Everything will be done for you.
  • The premium theme we provide in the package on its own costs $99.95, but you’re not just saving 95 cents. You’re also saving days or even weeks of your own time that would be better invested in building your business in other ways.
  • You should be spending time creating content for your blog. Not struggling for days trying to get the tech basics setup or trying to make your blog look good.
  • The idea is to keep the cost of this service low so it removes the first financial and technological hurdle many people face when turning a good idea into a profitable online business.

How It Works...

  • Step #1: Purchase your Blog Setup For You package
  • Step #2: You will be taken to a confirmation thank you page (this page will also be sent to the email address you used when you purchased)
  • Step #3: On the page, watch a step-by-step video and follow the prompts to setup your domain name (this is your domain, your home on the internet that you will own)
  • Step #4: Then watch the step-by-step video and follow the prompts to setup your web hosting (this is where your blog will sit on the internet)
  • Step #5: And then the really fun part, browse StudioPress to find a premium theme for your website (these designs will blow you away - your blog is going to look amazing!)
  • Step #6: Enter all the details on the Thank You page so Kerry, your blog mechanic, can get to work building your website.

That’s It!

When the website is built and Kerry forwards you your login details, you can start blogging, writing content and uploading images to your WordPress site immediately.

Your blog will be live and people will be able to find it at your domain name address instantly.

I can’t wait to see your new blog!


Yaro Starak