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Hi, this is Yaro.

If you are a blogger or a teacher or writer, or any kind of content creator, I bet you have an archive full of great content you could be selling online right now.

I recently went digging into my content archives with the goal of repurposing some of my information into sellable training products.

What does this mean?

Repurposing means taking content you have already created — blog articles you have written, presentations you have done, or videos, or podcasts or any kind of content — and turning it into a sellable product.

As a result of reviewing my previous content I realised I had enough to release SIX new products!!!

I've taken my podcasts, my blog articles, transcripts of stage presentations I have done, portions of unreleased products I never finished, videos and even email content, and created brand new E-Guides and online courses I am now selling for money.

But wait — you are probably wondering how can I charge money for content I give away for free?

That's a good question with a simple answer…

I do it firstly because I value my content and I know other people do too.

I also have a system for turning my existing free content into premium content that people are willing to pay for.

The system is all about packaging.

What I do is take my existing content and transform it into a well-presented and more complete resource.

For example, I collected a series of blog posts on related subjects and had them edited together so they flow as a complete guide on one key subject area my audience values.

The articles are turned into chapters, edited so they flow from section to section in a congruent order, pictures and highlights are inserted, a table of contents is generated and a professionally designed cover is included too.

To further increase the value of the product, I augment it by including bonuses.

The bonuses can include audios, which I may already have in my archives (for example recorded coaching sessions, or presentations I have done before), mini e-guides or reports I have written or can create from existing content, or video presentations I collect together into a sequence.

TIP!!! – Your YouTube channel is a wealth of potential products ready to be sold if you just collect the videos into a sequence, add some value by having them transcribed and turned into audios as well, and include bonuses.

Package your videos up into an easy to consume resource and your audience will thank you — and PAY YOU — for it!

How You Can Charge For Free Content

People are willing to pay for ease of access to a sequence of content designed to solve a problem. Give them a complete resource, with a clear focus and they will buy it, even if the pieces are available for free online elsewhere.

It's true, the internet is full of amazing free content. The problem is finding it and figuring out what is worth studying and what should be ignored.

I bet right now you have valuable content that you give to your audience. However, because it is all over the place there is no clear direction to follow, and it's not presented in a way that enhances perceived value (important if you want to charge money for it!).

You might have old blog posts that are hard to find, podcasts, videos and presentations you have done might work well together, but they are scattered across multiple mediums.

People want simplicity, all-in-one solutions and step-by-step guides. They like things to be in their preferred medium too, all text or video or audio.

The problem is that you didn't create your content to act like a complete resource — it wasn't designed to be a product.

You probably wrote about one subject one week, then something different the next week, then maybe jumped to a podcast or tried out video marketing.

This is exactly why you can create value from your free content. Give your audience what they need, in an order to study it, in the formats they want, and you create value you can sell.

There is so much potential, if you just take the time to re-package and re-purpose what you already have into something of premium value.

What About New Content?

Sometimes I add new content to a product, however it's only a tiny percentage of the overall product – most of it comes from repurposing my archives.

For example, you might take all of the free podcasts you have created and sell them as a package, but also record a new series of podcasts that you have not released before.

By bundling your existing content with new content you create something fresh and sellable. It becomes premium.

How do I know this works? – I have done it already and the product keeps selling (it's my EJ Insider Interviews Club in case you are curious).

There are so many ways you can repurpose your content, and it all helps you to have a more complete training business.

What do I mean by this?

Your audience are at different levels. They need help in different areas. They want content in different formats and media types.

You know this.

What you probably don't have are products to meet each of the different needs and levels your audience are at.

Do you have entry level products, more advanced courses, resources in various media (video, audio, text) and a logical “sales funnel” of products to move your members through?

I didn't, but then I realised I really did, if I just decided to create the products from the content I already had.

You can reap significant profits by simply giving your audience what they want – Quality products to meet specific needs they have as they move along the growth curve of what you teach.

The problem is it is too time consuming and requires too much work to create new products for all the different areas you know your could offer help in.

That's where repurposing comes in — and me and my team are here to help you with exactly that.

Your Products Done For You By Us

Introducing my brand new service – Product Done For You.

The premise is simple. We create your product for you from the content you already have.

You show us what to take from your archives – your blog articles, podcasts/audios, videos, email sequence content, presentations, old products, books – whatever you nominate, and then we go to work transforming it into a brand new information product you can sell.

You decide whether you want us to create an ebook/eguide, online training course, membership site or whatever format you want.

If you are not sure, don't worry, as part of the package you get a welcome private coaching session with me over Skype to help you figure out what is the best product for you to create.

I can also help you decide on the best strategy for selling your products, determine what your audience really wants and help you develop a complete sales funnel of multiple products (bear in mind we only create one product for you per order, but you can order more than one package).

Once you nominate the content we get to work and do the following –

  • Edit your content into the desired format, combining various sources into a seamless presentation.
  • This includes turning content into chapters or modules, adding graphics, formatting, professional covers, digital product imagery, icons and more.
  • Setup of a protected members area where your product is delivered to paying customers, who receive their own username and password using a secure digital membership site system.
  • We create a landing page optin form, which is where you can send traffic to join your email sequence that you will use to sell your product.
  • Your sales page that sells the product is written by a professional copywriter, including the copy, formatting, graphics and integration into Paypal to take payments and with the membership site system.

In short, your premium product will be created, and the system to deliver and sell it will be done for you too. Your only job is to sell it and service your paying customers.

My Team Is Standing By

I have personally gone through the process of repurposing my own content, and continue to do so to create new products.

Because of this I have a well trained team and access to the right people and resources, all ready to go to help you.

You will have access to the same copywriters and content editors I use, the same technical setup team I use, the same software and systems I use and even access to me to help with strategic direction and tactical decisions.

This is your chance to hire an A-Team, ready to go to work on your product.

Other Costs? 

We produce your product for you, but you should budget for the following additional costs if you don't already pay for these services –

  1. Website hosting (this costs about $10 a month to start with)
  2. A domain name ($10 a year)
  3. Email autoresponder service like AWeber to manage your newsletter lists (starts at $20/month)
  4. Additional technical changes beyond the scope of of this package (you will need to have your own tech support for future changes and updates – we may be able to help you with this too)
  5. You should also factor in all the admin costs related to running a business, including tax and government regulation compliance, admin and customer support, payment processor fees, banking fees, etc etc

I will clearly outline what we do and do not do for you in the welcome coaching call so your expectations are clear.

You are welcome to contact me in advance if you have any questions.

What You Receive

Here's a detailed breakdown of what you receive when you buy this package –

Strategy And Planning
A One-On-One Strategy Coaching Skype Call With Yaro To Plan Your Product
Help Selecting Which Pieces Of Your Content To Use And What Type Of Product To Create
Advice On How Much To Charge For Your Product
A Dedicated Project Manager Assigned To You For The Duration Of The Project
Content Repurposing
Your Content Will Be Professionally Transcribed Into Text, Or Extracted Into Audio, If Necessary
Your Content Will Be Edited To Flow As One Complete Document With Chapters And Headlines, Or Into Sequential Membership Modules
We Will Format, Add Pictures, Cover Images, Logos And A Table Of Contents (Where Required)
We Will Edit And Compile Bonus Materials
Product Delivery
A Protected Membership Area Will Be Set Up Using WordPress And A Membership Plugin
Your Product and Bonuses Will Be Placed Into The Members Area
The Members Area Will Be Themed To Match Your Product Logo and Branding
All Customers Will Receive A Unique Login In A Welcome Email After They Purchase Your Product
You Will Be Provided With An Admin Account To Manage Your Product Members Area
Landing Optin Page & Sales Page
A Professional Copywriter Will Interview You About Your Product
They Will Then Write The Sales Copy And Landing Page Copy
We Will Mark-Up The Copy With Images And Formatting So It Is Ready To Go
Your Landing Page Will Be Integrated With Your Email Newsletter Autoresponder
Your Sales Page Will Be Integrated With Paypal For Payments And The Membership Area For After Purchase Is Complete
You Will Have A Complete Newsletter Signup Page And Functional Sales Page That Sells Your Product Ready To Use

To put it simply, we will take your content and turn it into a ready to sell complete information product.

** Only 2 packages available this month **
Secure yours today!

Warning: By Application Only (Not Everyone Qualifies!)

Because this is a service I have a set number of people we can help each month before we max out resources.

I offer this on a first come, first served basis, provided you meet the criteria below.

You have to be in a position to actually benefit from what we do…

  • If you don't have the content to create your product available then we can't help you. Go out and create more content.
  • If you don't have the capacity to support the system we create for you, then it's too early for you to buy this package.
  • If you absolutely need this product to sell in order to pay for your living expenses, then you are too financially restricted and under too much pressure. I don't want you to give us your last savings in the hope that we can offer you an instant income source.
  • It helps if you have your own audience platform, like a newsletter or blog, you talk on stage or you know how to buy traffic. We provide you with a product, but you still have to go out there and find buyers for it.

Bear in mind there are no refunds for this program once we start work. We have fixed costs to provide this service so please be absolutely sure before buying that we are right for you.

In in doubt, contact me first.

If I believe after talking to you during our initial call that we can't help you or you won't benefit from our service, then your payment will be refunded in full.

We will not start work until we both agree about what is going to happen.

** Only 2 packages available this month **
Secure yours today!

What Happens After You Buy?

After you make payment your account on my EJInsider members platform will be created and you will be taken to the dashboard area.

You will also receive an automated welcome email from my system with your login details.

I will be notified of your purchase via email and will attempt to email you within 24 hours, usually much sooner.

Your project manager may also be in touch during this time to introduce themselves.

We will then schedule your Skype call for sometime in the next week if possible, or whenever suites your schedule.

Let's Work Together

To your blogging success,

Yaro Starak

Yaro Starak

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