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Let Me Show You My Step-By-Step Formula
To Attract Your First 1,000 Subscribers Refined
Over 10 Years As A Content Marketer

Don't Guess What Works, Follow The Guide
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From: Yaro Starak

World Renowned Authority On Making Money With Blogs
Founder of BlogMastermind.com


Why Do So Many Blogs Struggle To Attract Even 100 Visitors, Yet A Few Elite Bloggers Enjoy Almost All The Attention?

Let me reveal how you can become one of the
top bloggers in your field…

Hello, my name is Yaro; I founded the blog Entrepreneurs-Journey.com (now called www.yaro.blog) in 2005.

Since I began blogging I have made over a million dollars thanks to advertising, affiliate marketing and selling my own training products all from my blog.

That sounds pretty impressive, right?

Well, here's the thing…

It didn't happen overnight.

When I first started I was just like you – in a situation where you have no readers coming to your blog.

It's a challenging time for a new blogger because you publish content in an “echo chamber” where almost no one reads what you write.

Perhaps your family read your blog, maybe some friends – but you definitely do not have enough of an audience to actually make money with your blog.

Blogs Can Only Make Money If They Have Traffic

This might be stating the obvious, but it has to be said…

“A blog is only FINANCIALLY VIABLE if you attract a large enough audience to derive a profit. If no one reads your blog, no one buys your products.”

I'm here to teach you how you can attract that first big important milestone for your blog traffic:

Your First 1,000 Readers

With a solid following of 1,000 readers per day you can have a successful — and PROFITABLE — blog.

However, the fact is, at the beginning when you first start your blog, nobody knows it exists.

This is when things are hardest, and I know what it feels like — I've started many websites over the years and I know how lonely it is to begin with.

Do You Know How To “Market” Your Blog?

When I first started my blog, I already had experience running Internet businesses. As I found out, a blog is a little bit different.

I was writing regular content to my website and I knew that I had to go out there and do some marketing to bring attention to my blog, but I wasn't really sure exactly which are the best techniques to use.

I did some research and quickly discovered that the challenge is not in finding techniques to grow your blog and build traffic – it's figuring out which ones actually work!

I found myself overloaded with too much information on how to drive traffic to my blog – from pay per click advertising, banner advertising, article marketing, search engine marketing, video marketing, social media marketing and on and on and on…

What Are The Most Important Elements When It Comes To Traffic?

One thing I'm good at is taking action and I knew that was the best way to solve my too much information problem.

Since I had little money at the time I decided to focus only on free methods to grow my blog traffic.

I knew Google could be the answer if I learned how to optimize my blog for search engines, because organic traffic from search engines is free traffic.

After spending quite a bit of time testing different techniques to get traffic from Google, including many that didn't work, and some that only worked temporarily, I eventually learned what I believe are the most important elements.

This turned out to be the first major breakthrough in my blog traffic…

The 3 Techniques I Used To Attract Traffic From
Google During My Early Blogging Days

TECHNIQUE #1: Content

I had heard the advice “content is king” so I immediately began sticking to a content schedule, writing several articles per week.

My writing wasn't great, but I improved the more I wrote. Then I learned there was more to content then just writing out your ideas…

I had to make sure my content followed certain guidelines, like using powerful headlines, following content structures that lead to people engaging with my writing and of course, including multimedia wherever possible, including pictures, audio and video.

TECHNIQUE #2: Internal Structure

I spent some time learning and then tweaking various aspects of how my blog worked.

Although technically challenging at first, I figured out if you kept things simple and focus on a handful of key plugins, have a sitemap, and configure your permalinks right you help your blog perform better.

Then as the internet became more social I learned that internal structure had to include social sharing tools as well. I added new plugins that helped encourage my audience to use social media sites to share my content.

TECHNIQUE #3: Communication Channels

When I started blogging “Link Building” was all the rage. You got links and your search rankings would shoot through the roof, delivering waves of free traffic.

I did this at first, and it worked, but later significant changes to how Google worked made me look at the link building process differently.

It wasn't about just links anymore, it was about opening up doors to targeted channels of traffic from the right type of people who will love your blog.

Although I enjoyed initial success thanks to free traffic from Google and using my communication channels techniques, I realized I had a problem.

Almost all my traffic was coming from Google.

What would happen if Google changed their mind about how much traffic they sent me?

I Had To “Capture” My Audience

Although I waited a full year after starting my blog before making this change, it was the single smartest thing I ever did…

I added an email newsletter.

The newsletter allowed me to take the casual visitors to my blog and turn them into subscribers – people I could connect with whenever I wanted to by sending an email.

I didn't realize how important my newsletter was until years later when Google started seriously shaking up how they rank sites.

My site was fine at first because I wasn't doing anything “wrong”. My blog readers kept coming in and I turned my focus on to how to make money.

Then in late 2012 I started to notice a downwards trend. For the first time ever, my blog traffic started to fall…

Then It Happened: Google Cut My Traffic!

It wasn't a sudden crash, but within 18 months I lost half of my traffic.

This change made me realize that the good old days of only relying on Google were well and truly over.

Although I had protected myself by having a newsletter, I was well aware that my newsletter could not grow if I didn't have a means to attract people to subscribe.

This is when I decided to make my next big change – this time a strategic shift.

Search Engine Optimization
Is Dead! (Well Sort Of…)

I had to find out why my blog, which was full of quality content and had plenty of websites linking to it, would lose half its traffic. I hadn't broken any rules as far as I could tell, I didn't buy links and I focused on producing value.

I did some research and came to a conclusion… SEO IS DEAD.

Let me explain…

Search Engine Optimization has changed so much that now more than ever you can't expect results. There are no guarantees, no techniques that keep working.

My research turned up some interesting things. For example, Google has turned more and more focus on to things like…

  1. Engagement: How long a person stays on your blog and how many pages they visit in a session
  2. Updates And Modern Design: Blogs that don't update frequently, or that retain an “old” design will lose rankings (thus traffic)
  3. Social Rankings: Social sharing influences search results. If people don't share your content, that's a sign that it is not very good.

As with most things in the world of “SEO” there is a lot of dispute about the validity of these things and other ranking variables.

To be frank, I became fed up.

I didn't want to rely on something that changed and when it changed no one knew for sure why it changed.

I hated the instability. I wanted to serve my audience and have a stable business.

Traffic Ownership + Traffic Diversification

By using an email newsletter I protected myself from “losing” my existing audience.

Now I needed a way to protect my access to new readers so I'd always have a stable source of new subscribers.

The answer as is often the case, is diversification.

Here is a sobering truth:

“I can't rely on Google. YOU can't rely on it either.”

Google still matters of course, but you have to be okay if Google stops sending you visitors tomorrow.

In order to fortify your traffic sources, you need to branch out to aspects of the internet that do not rely on Google.

One such example that I use is podcasting (I've had a podcast since 2005). Podcasts (audio talkshows) have taken off recently because of mobile devices.

ItunesThe Podcast App on the iPhone is completely independent of Google. If you create a podcast, with a solid subscriber base in iTunes, you have a new channel of traffic.

Another example are Kindle Books. Or you can use Pinterest to share pictures. Or you can use Facebook groups to interact with your target audience.

This is the important point:

“All of these platforms DO NOT rely only on Google for traffic. They are independent and represent potentially huge sources of new readers to your blog and subscribers to your newsletter.”

Gain From My Hindsight

Today my blog traffic has stabilized and is growing again. Google still sends me thousands of visitors, but other channels like social media, my podcast and YouTube videos also contribute.

As a result of this experience I dramatically changed my traffic building philosophy.

Thankfully for you, just starting your traffic building journey, you can benefit from my hindsight.

I've documented the exact steps I would take if I was starting again today. You can skip the trial and error, and focus on what works.

After almost 10 years as a blogger and 15 as an online entrepreneur, I've learned an important fact:

Traffic fundamentals don't change. You just have to learn them.

Traffic TECHNIQUES change, especially as new tools surface, and not every technique suits every blog. However, the fundamentals behind why people visit a blog DO NOT CHANGE.

You have to learn the fundamentals first, then you test the techniques best for your blog until you figure out what works.

But I am getting ahead of myself…

In case you landed at this page and have no idea who I am, let me properly introduce myself:

So Who Is Yaro Starak?

Doing What I Do At A Cafe In BrisbaneA lot of people already know my story. But if you don't, here it is in a nutshell:

I started my first website back when I was a university student in 1998. Those were pretty early days on the Internet so there was a lot of trial and error. Although my website wasn't huge (it was dedicated to card game called Magic: The Gathering) I was able to make some money from it.

Fast forward a few years, I'd grown my site to where I was making between $500 and $1,000 a month. I consider this site my first true success story. I didn't make enough from it to live off, but as a university student living with my parents, it was more than I needed.

Eventually I grew bored of playing the card game and sold my Magic website for $13,000, giving me some money to invest in a new project, which was an online editing service targeted at international students for whom English was a second language.

After a few years my editing business was making $100,000 a year, leaving me enough profits to call this my full time income source and I became a true Internet Entrepreneur.

Yaro Starak's Early YearsBecause I had contractors most of the work I personally did required a few hours per day to maintain (usually just checking email every few hours to process new editing jobs that came through). I had created a great lifestyle business.

This gave me plenty of time to look around and see what else I wanted to do.

In January 2005 I registered the domain Entrepreneurs-Journey.com intending it to be a test blog where I shared stories from the previous years I spent as an entrepreneur.

Although my blog was a hobby to begin with, it became a serious business as I slowly grew my audience. I attracted my first 1,000 readers and kept going, testing more and more methods to reach people.

Fast forward a few years and my blog became my only business. I couldn't have imagined that a site started as an experiment would go on to make more than a million dollars.

Which brings us to where we are now…

It's funny, when you write out my story like that it sounds like I had it easy, but believe me, that's not the case! There was so much trial and error, success and failure in every one of the sites I created.

When it came to the very beginning of my blog, just like everyone, I had to put in the work to build my audience.

I know what it is like to start a website from scratch with no connections, no reputation and no resources. I've done it many times over now and that's why I know I can help you.

How To Build Traffic

This is the age of content marketing.

Blogging, and how you attract traffic to a blog, is where content marketing all began.

As a blogger with over nine years experience, I've seen how the industry has changed and I know what works today.

I've helped thousands of other bloggers grow their blog traffic. Many have gone on to build blogs with millions of visitors. I feel immensely confident that I can solve this problem for you too.

So without further ado, I'd like to officially announce the release of…

Blog Traffic for Beginners: A Step-by-Step System To Build Your Blog Traffic From Zero To 1,000 Daily Readers

I've completely re-written the guide this year. I know you will benefit significantly if you study and then apply it to your own blogging.

I call it Blog Traffic for Beginners for a reason. This is a guide for new bloggers or people new to online marketing.

If you've never had a website with 1,000 visitors a day before, this is the guide for you.

The guide teaches how to grow your blog traffic, get it for free, and keep it coming.

It focuses on diversification as a fundamental principle.

“You will learn about Google and how to attract traffic from the search engines, but you won't depend on it. You will build a stable and diversified base of various independent traffic channels.”

Follow the techniques and the systems I use and your blog will be successful.

What Will You Learn From My E-Guide?

blog traffic for beginners
After you download and study my guide, you will have an understanding of all the following concepts –

An Introduction To The Principle Of
“Owning Your Traffic” And How To
Apply It To Your Blog

You have to protect yourself from changes to how the internet works. Google makes changes, social media platforms change, new websites become popular (Pinterest) and some fade away (MySpace).

You must have a plan in place so if any one source of traffic you have disappears, you are still in business. This is particularly important for bloggers because almost all blogs depend TOO MUCH on Google search traffic.

The Difference Between Traffic And Conversion, And Why You Must Have Measurable Goals

This guide is all about attracting new readers to your blog and setting up channels so that they keep coming. If you do this right, once you reach 1,000 visitors a day they will keep coming. It won't be a temporary spike, it will be a steady flow coming from various sources.

To make this work you have to know hot to measure and track your results and understand where traffic fits into the big picture of your blogging business.

A Detailed Breakdown Of What Exactly “Content Marketing” Is And Why It Is The Secret To Increasing Traffic Today

I've dedicated an entire chapter to the current *HOT* concept of Content Marketing. Blogs are built to capitalize on this trend, and in this guide I teach you how.

This is a vital skill-set to have, because if you do not grasp how to make your own content compelling, no amount of “traffic techniques” are going to help — you need to have something tasty to eat before you go and sell it.

How To Assess Your Personal Strengths And Tap Into Your Unique Personality As Leverage For Traffic

This is a topic you won't find covered by any other traffic training guide. I couldn't teach you about content marketing without linking HOW you create the content to your unique personality.

Content production is a creative endeavour. Tapping into your own skills, talents, experiences and resources is vital if you want leveraged returns.

For big traffic you need to offer exceptional value. That value can only be created if you know your best qualities.

A Blog Optimization Framework For Free Traffic From Google Based On Fundamentals That Stand The Test Of Time

While I've reduced dependency on Google, it's still absolutely vital as a blogger you understand how Google works and how your content can attract tons of free traffic from the mighty search engine.

My guide includes an entire chapter on search engine marketing, teaching you exactly what to worry about, what you can ignore and what is the best “link building” strategy to use today.

What Is The “Long Tail” And Why You Need To Know About It

Search engine optimization can be a complicated subject. I make everything as simple and easy to follow as I can, however there are a few “technical” concepts you need to understand.

One of these concepts is called the The Long Tail. My traffic comes from what are called Long Tail Searches. Most of your traffic will also come from Long Tail searches in your market, if you learn how to properly optimize your blog for search engines.

What Are The Key Internal Structure Elements Of Your Blog And How To Configure Them For Maximum Results

This is an important area of your blog because you are in complete control of it. You can immediately go and change your blog after reading my guide and improve these areas to deliver better results.

These are things like your titles, permalinks and the anchor text you use. If you learn how to tweak these elements the right way you will notice immediate results, sometimes as much as 50% to 100% improvement in the amount of traffic you get in a matter of days.

Configure your internal structure right from the beginning and you set yourself up for traffic in the future as your blog grows. You can get this right from Day 1.

What Is A Natural Linking Process?

You may have heard this phrase before — “Natural Linking” or “Organic Linking”. It has nothing to do with food, but everything to do with how you attract links to your blog to help you with search engine traffic.

In this guide I teach the ingredients that go into the natural linking process. Things like your “Link Neighbourhood” and the distribution of sources of links matter now more than ever. If this confuses you, my guide will clarify everything you need to know.

What Exactly Is “Link Bait” And How Best To Apply It In Today's Social And Mobile Internet World

Link Bait is a term that has been around for a long time. I see it as a philosophy of marketing and not a method to trick people into linking to your blog. It's a mindset shift you undertake when you create content for your blog that can make a big difference to how much traffic you attract.

How To Get Your Blog Listed On Google Within 24 Hours Or Less

In Blog Traffic for Beginners I reveal some very simple methods to get your blog into search engines very quickly. In fact, you can have your blog appear on the Google listings within 24 hours or less.

ONE HUNDRED (100!) Powerful Communication Channel Marketing Techniques To Establish Multiple Streams Of Secure And Consistent Traffic

What I am most excited about within this guide is the section on traffic techniques. I worked really hard on this chapter, producing over 50 Pages of traffic pulling techniques, with step-by-step directions to apply them to your blog.

You should not apply all 100 techniques of course (although it would be amazing if you did!), but you will find a variety of techniques, some quick and easy, some more challenging, which leverage different skills. You can pick the techniques that match your situation.

I explain to you which techniques are the best for me and how you can apply them yourself. If you get out there and apply these techniques, even just a handful of them, you will increase your traffic — I guarantee it.

My Three Core Concepts For A Sustainable High Traffic Blog

I end the guide by looking at three of the most important concepts for sustainable blog traffic: The Daily Habit, The Tipping Point And The Fly Wheel.

These are the most important foundation concepts for you to understand and apply as you go about testing the various traffic techniques I presented in the previous chapter.

Order Your Copy Now – Instant Download!

Blog Traffic For BeginnersGet instant access to your digital copy of:

Blog Traffic for Beginners

A Step-By-Step System To Build Your Blog Traffic From Zero To 1,000 Daily Readers

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100% Original Content From Yaro

Now you have a basic summary of the key benefits you will gain once you study Blog Traffic for Beginners.

Once you download the actual document you will find 100+ pages of unique content created by me (Yaro Starak). If you're a fan of my work either from my blog or my free reports or any of my other courses or product, you can rest assured that Blog Traffic For Beginners is 100% me.

I haven't outsourced the creation of this document. I wrote it myself, and I tested many of the experiments and techniques included in the guide on my own blogs and websites.

I can confidently say to you that if you're at the very start of blogging (or maybe you've been blogging for a while but struggling to grow your traffic) these are the techniques you should test.

Don't Waste Thousands Of Dollars On What You Don't Need

I've had people pay me $10,000 for private coaching. I've also worked with thousands of members in various coaching programs.

The most common challenge my students run up against again and again, is how to attract traffic to their websites.

The majority of my time in private coaching is spent teaching my clients how to market their website to attract traffic, and then hold them accountable to make sure they actually do the steps I tell them to do.

You can benefit from exactly what I tell my high-end coaching clients without spending thousands of dollars, because it's all in Blog Traffic For Beginners.

The only difference is that you have to hold yourself accountable. You can get all the same knowledge and steps to take by purchasing my guide, and then get busy tomorrow pulling in the traffic.

That's a huge discount on what I charge for private coaching. This is by far the most affordable way to get my advice on how to attract traffic to your blog. All my coaching programs cost more than this guide.

Buy NowOnly $49 Includes E-Guide + All Bonuses


You Should Not Do This Alone

As you read through my guide, after I teach you the fundamental traffic concepts, I present you with 100 traffic-pulling communication marketing techniques.

I don't expect you to do all 100, however it has to be said:

“The more techniques you apply, the better your chances of attracting the traffic you want.”

So, how can you create more and attract more traffic without working your butt off?

While I'm not suggesting you have to buy traffic, I believe if you are going to spend money, you should do so to create what I call “TRAFFIC ASSETS”.

A traffic asset keeps pulling-in traffic over time. It's usually something you create that delivers ongoing value to your audience.How can you attract more traffic

It might be a report, or a high-production video series, or a piece of software, or maybe some website templates they can use.

Whatever it is, these sorts of assets can bring in lots of traffic to your blog and continue to do so for years.

Rather than struggle to create these things yourself, you should outsource as much as you can.

This is a great idea because while you work on something you enjoy, for example writing articles to your blog, you can have someone else work on creating a tool, or a really nice infographic, or someone to handle your social media for you.

In order for this to happen, you need to get better at outsourcing.

I Have A Confession To Make…

I'm sure you have been told about the advantages of hiring overseas workers for incredibly cheap rates.

Yep I heard it too.

The problem, as I found out, is finding GOOD people.

I had a horrible experience over a 6-month period, hiring 12 people in a row from the Philippines, with every one of them proving unreliable.

A few said they would do the work, then disappeared completely. Another one was reliable, but terribly slow, so even though his rate was cheap, it was taking three-times as long.How To Find Good People

However, I do have one great contractor, who has worked for my business for TEN years. A person who actually lives in Australia like me.

She is a work-at-home mom. She speaks perfect English, has reliable internet, is in the same timezone as me, communicates brilliantly, and responds quickly.

More recently I've had another fantastic stay-at-home mom come work with me as my tech person on a contract basis. She's from Sydney, again in the same country as me. She'a also super reliable – we talk on Skype every day and get heaps of work done.

You're probably seeing a pattern here…

I LOVE working with stay-at-home moms (or “mums” for us Aussies).

I realized that for me, stay-at-home-moms and hiring locally, although more expensive, is much better. I pay a little bit more, but get much better work and a lot less stress.

I'm not against outsourcing overseas – I do have the odd jobs done here and there by people overseas who charge less than $10 an hour – however for the big jobs and ongoing work, I've always had better results with local stay-at-mom contractors.

To help you attract more traffic by leveraging help from other people, including moms and overseas contractors, I'm including two special bonuses…

Two Bonuses: My Best Outsourcing Guides

I outline my entire outsourcing system, including how I outsource for my blogs and previous online businesses I have owned, in two bonus guides that come bundled with Blog Traffic For Beginners.

Here they are:

Bonus #1: Outsourcing Online E-Guide
(How To Hire Local Stay-At-Home Moms)

Outsourcing Online

How To Grow Your Online Business,
Free Up Time, And Make Your Life
Easier By Hiring Virtual Workers

You’ll discover:

  • The Controversy of Outsourcing: Is it
    exploitation to pay someone $2 an hour?
  • Nuts and bolts: When is the right time to
    begin outsourcing? What are your goals?
    Why would you use outsourcing? What jobs can you outsource to other people?
  • How you can start outsourcing even when you have very little money. PLUS what to do to create enough cash flow to cover outsourcing
  • How to manage your customer service as a one person enterprise and when is it time to expand
  • The Exact System I used to hire people in advance – every company should do this!
  • The history of my own experience: what I did to help make my business run better… without me doing any work!
  • Case study: How I actually hired my first helper person and what they did

You might be surprised to know I have not had much success outsourcing with sites like Upwork or Freelancer or Fiverr.

It's not that I don’t recommend these services – I do – but nearly every single good virtual worker I have hired is a contractor from my country (Australia) who I found through networking online (social networks, blogging, email newsletter, forums) or offline (friends of friends, networking events).

This guide explains how I have hired mostly stay-at-home moms and local freelancers. You will find it very different to most outsourcing guides out there.


Bonus #2: How To Outsource Your Blog
So It Runs Without You (10-Page Report)

Outsourcing Online

When I first purchased a second blog I realized quickly
that I couldn’t personally keep writing to two blogs at
the same time.

This forced me to come up with an
innovative way to outsource all aspects of the
new blog I purchased

In this short report you will learn:

  • How I brought on a team of writers who wrote all the content for my new blog on a volunteer basis, only doing it in exchange for exposure
  • What changes I made to the blog design so my writing team had extra incentives to keep writing (I still have never seen any other blog implement this special technique)
  • How I found a blog manager, who coordinated all the writers, proofread their work and made sure my new blog always had fresh content
  • Why I was able to take a back seat and focus only on new ideas to increase income on the blog, with my blog manager implementing everything for me

The end result of this experiment was a blog that operated independently, grew in traffic, and resulted in a win-win-win-win situation between my writers, my blog manager, the readers and me.

Best of all, when I decided to sell the blog, it was worth so much more because it was completely automated. I renovated my blog investment into a very appealing asset so I was able to sell it for a big profit.


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Blog Traffic For BeginnersGet instant access to your digital copy of:

Blog Traffic for Beginners

A Step-by-Step System To Build Your Blog Traffic from Zero to 1,000 Daily Readers

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Bonus Number One: Outsourcing Online: How to Grow Your Online Business, Free up Time, and Make Your Life Easier by Hiring Virtual Workers

Bonus 1
Bonus Number Two: My 10-Page Report On How To Completely Outsource Content Creation And Management Of Your Blog. outsource blog
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The Best And Most Up To Date Traffic Guide Specifically For Bloggers + 2 Bonuses To Help You Reach Even More People

Imagine you have a list of important tasks, which if executed will lead to more people discovering your blog and subscribing to your newsletter.

Now imagine you have a small team of people around you who will complete those tasks for you.

Can you see how powerful this is?

That's what I am offering you in this package. I give you techniques to apply for traffic and guides to follow to find people who help you execute more of the techniques so you can reach even more people.

What Could 1,000 Daily Visitors (Or More!) Do For You?

  • More customers to sell your products and services to?
  • A dependable source of traffic so you can make money from advertising?
  • A consistent stream of people who subscribe to your email newsletter?
  • More people to sell your affiliate product offers to?
  • All of the above as multiple income streams?

Over the years I have noticed an incredible ratio between how many people visit your blog per day, and how much money you thus make per month.

I've seen this ratio repeat again and again in many blogs.

What is the ratio?

“You can make $1 per daily visitor, in monthly income.”

That means if you have 1,000 visitors per day, you should make $1,000 per month (at least!).

It depends what industry you are in and how you make money, but as a bare minimum, that's a starting point.

Of course you don't have to stop there. The techniques in this guide can take you much further than 1,000 visitors per day and thus much more income too, especially if you combine multiple income streams.

I'm charging a lot less than $1,000 for this guide package. If you implement even just a handful of the techniques I give you I know you will make your money back ten-fold.

This should be a no-brainer choice – you'd be crazy not to buy my guide unless you are completely happy with how much traffic you have.

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Blog Traffic For BeginnersGet instant access to your digital copy of:

Blog Traffic for Beginners

A Step-by-Step System To Build Your Blog Traffic from Zero to 1,000 Daily Readers

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Includes E-Guide + 2 Bonuses

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Bonus Number One: Outsourcing Online: How to Grow Your Online Business, Free up Time, and Make Your Life Easier by Hiring Virtual Workers

Bonus 1
Bonus Number Two: My 10-Page Report On How To Completely Outsource Content Creation And Management Of Your Blog. outsource blog
Buy NowOnly $49 Includes E-Guide + All Bonuses


My Guarantee To You:
You Will Attract 1,000
Daily Blog Readers

You Can't Fail — That's a big claim,
but I am so confident if you follow the
process laid out in my guide, you will
reach 1,000 daily readers to your blog.

I can say this with confidence because I've given you a roadmap for laying down the right fundamentals for traffic, and the necessary techniques to apply and test that will open your blog up to new channels of readers.

If you put in the effort, continue to test techniques until you find the best ones for your situation, you CANNOT fail.

The only way you don't get the result is if you don't follow the steps. That part is up to you. I can show you the path, you have to walk it.

This is why I am willing to GUARANTEE you the result. Download my guide, follow the steps and you will attract thousands of readers to your blog.


E-Guide Only: $49

You receive the complete “Blog Traffic For Beginners” Eguide Package, including 110-page guide and two bonuses, all as instant downloads.

Blog Traffic and Bonuses

3 E-Guides Super Bundle
Regular $147 SPECIAL $99

  • Blog Traffic For Beginners ($49)
  • Master You Mindset ($49)
  • How To Buy And Sell Blogs ($49)
  • Plus 7 BONUSES (Priceless!)

Total Cost = Regular $147 SPECIAL $99!

3 Eguides and Bonuses

You've made it to the end, so I'll wrap things up with some final thoughts…

All bloggers who succeed follow the same process.

There are no tricks.

Do the right things — and keeping doing them — and you will earn the reward.

To your blogging success,

Yaro Starak

P.S. DO NOT FORGET: Blogs only make money if they have traffic.

If traffic has been your sticking point, and it usually is, I know how frustrated you are.

The answer to this problem is to take action and execute what has proven to work for millions of blogs already.

It's not rocket-science, just a step-by-step testing process to determine what works best for you and your blog.

Order now and grow your blog from zero to 1,000 daily visitors in 90 days.

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