Copywriting For Blogs Bonus 46-Page Manual From Brian Clark

When I created the first version of Blog Mastermind back in 2007 I knew I had to devote a big chunk of training to copywriting – in particular how to write powerful headlines for your blog posts. 

To be brutally honest, most bloggers are terrible at writing headlines. To make matters worse, the headline is by far the 80/20 variable when it comes to your blog posts. If you fail with the headline, it doesn't matter how good the rest of the post is, no one will read it.

To help educate you on headline writing I asked Brian Clark of fame if I could put together a manual of some his best advice on the subject. That manual was given to Blog Mastermind members as a special bonus in the tenth lesson. 

Since copywriting is largely a timeless skill – it's based on writing fundamentals that do not change – this manual is still just as valuable today as it was back then. 

As a special bonus for EJ Insiders, I offer you the 46-page Copywriting For Blogs manual from Brian Clark…

I recommend everyone go through this manual, even if you consider yourself an experienced writer. Copywriting is rarely a natural talent, most people have to learn it.


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