How To Submit A Post For The EJ Insider Community Blog


The great thing about having a community like EJ Insider is the shared knowledge we all bring to the table.

When I first set up the EJ Insider Community on the Ning platform I wasn't sure whether to include the “Blog” function since we already have the forums for communicating with each other.

I thought the blog could be used as a place for me to update you with important EJ Insider notices, which I will do, but then I thought it could be so much more if I made one change…

What would happen if I opened up this blog to contributions from anyone in the community?

I checked how the blog function works and yes, that's exactly what it is for – this is a blog for everyone.

How Does It Work?

It's really quite easy.

If you would like to publish a unique blog post for the community to read, all you have to do is email it to me –

If I think you need to change something, or the article is not appropriate, I will email you back.

What Can You Submit To The Blog?

Given this community is full of people who are running or starting some kind of blog based online business, subjects like blogging advice, podcasting, social media, internet marketing, email newsletters, systems, mindset, etc are relevant.

Have a look at the categories box when you submit a blog post for more topic ideas.

Rules For Submissions

Here are some instructions to follow when you submit a blog post – 

  • There is no word count limit, however if your blog post is very short (under 700 words) I doubt it will contain enough quality information to help the community. I like in-depth advice, specific examples, case studies etc – they make for the best blog posts.
  • I welcome pictures, graphs, audio and video in your blog posts, however I expect text to go along with these media types – they are there to enhance your article, not be the article.
  • This is not a blog for self-promotion. If you are just marketing yourself or your business I will not accept the content. I do however allow you to link back to your own blog posts or content elsewhere online occasionally, where it makes sense to do so. You can include a link at the end of your article too.
  • Do not simply repost your blog posts or other content you publish already elsewhere online. This should be tailored information for the EJ Insider community. I don't mind if you pull bits and pieces, a video for example, from other content you have, but the article itself should be written for us EJ Insiders.
  • You are welcome to publish as often as you like. Bear in mind the people in this community are action takers, so the blog is a great chance to gain exposure to people who will engage with your work.

That's it for the rules.

Since this community is still new I will let this blog grow organically and see how people use it. 

I look forward to reading your post.


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